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Perfect IP Tracker

Perfect IP Tracker can quickly and easily track your IP address, or your clients. The necessary product for businesses that remotely administer services! We offer Perfect IP Tracker as a complete software package, and also as a service that we can host for you!

This is perfect for computers that have a dynamically assigned IP address. It will keep a current snapshot of the IP address that is assigned by any broadband or dialup service. There is no need to spend the extra $50 to $75 a month for a static assigned IP address. Work from the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world. It's just like you were sitting in front of your computer! Our software contains a host and a remote package. The host runs on the destination machine. The remote will run on a machine that will connect to the destination computer. As long as you know your IP address of the machine intended for the connection, you can log in and work from anywhere in the world!

"You made our lives so much easier by cutting our administration time in half. We want to thank you for saving our time and money." - J.Whitney / Albany, NY

"I appreciate all of the effort that was put into this product. I never imagined that I could work from home. Thank you so much." - G. Woolsey / San Diego, CA

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Requires Windows 95/98/NT/XP

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