Remote Backup Service

If your server or computer crashed today, would your business still be able to function tomorrow?

A recent study discloses it take 19 days and can cost upwards of $17,000 just to re-enter 20 MB of data.

Think your tape backup is enough? Most business take the precautions of doing backups every night then they take the tape out of the drive, and put it in a drawer, without ever verifying the data! What happens if disaster strikes, and your place of business floods, or burns down? Your data stored in that drawer of the desk goes with it. What you need is remote backups, with your data stored off site. That way when disaster strikes, or even if something little goes wrong, your data remains safe. Giving you peace of mind.

Our remote backup service plans start at the low price of $80 per compressed GB, billed Monthly by actual usage levels.

Contact us today to set up your remote backup, Ensuring your business data is here today....... and tomorrow.


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