On Site Computer Services around New Paltz, NY

We employ a staff of highly qualified Technicians, to take care of your organization's computer needs. From Troubleshooting, to Maintenance and Repair we can help you keep your network, printers, servers, and computer systems working optimally.

Our company offers on site service calls for those businesses (or homes) that cannot be without their computers for extended periods of time. If your business would be crippled without your computer then an on site service call is your best bet. Our staff can handle a wide variety of problems in the field. And if we cannot remedy the situation on site then we will transport the machine back to our office where we can better take care of the situation. Once we are done making the necessary repairs we will return the machine to your place of business so that you can continue on with as little disruption as possible. Have an Emergency? Contact us, and ask about our Emergency Priority Service. Find that you need service on a regular basis? Consider our Remote Administration Service or one of our customizable Service Contracts.