Our Remote Administration service can provide your small business with access to a Highly Qualified Network and System Administrator. It's like having an IT department! Our Remote Administrators can provide the following services:

  • Advice and instructions on the installation and configuration of new hardware/software
  • Recommendations/Remote Installation of the most current drivers for the customer's hardware
  • Fixing problems related to system and applications error messages (excluding error messages related to computer programming languages, script programming and debugging)
  • Remote diagnostics of malfunctions with computer hardware components
  • Fixing problems related to malfunctions of Microsoft® Windows® Operating Systems family components and software applications (remote diagnostics and configuring/fixing procedures only)
  • Performance optimization, recommendations on upgrades/updates, system failure, functional disorder of the basic components both hardware and software

Rates/Hours: Remote Administration is billed at $65.00 per hour. The minimum number of hours per month is One hour, paid in Advance each month. There is a $5.00 processing fee per charge. Client will be billed $65.00/hour for each additional hour beyond the set contract hours. Time will be deducted in 15-minute increments (per phone call/remote administration service incident).

If the client requires no phone calls/consultation/service, PCS will perform maintenance tasks (i.e.: Defrag/Scandisk/Updating System Files/Virus Updates). "You will always get your hours worth of Service!"